Shardhanjali Sabha in Memory of Late Randhir Prasad Verma on 3rd January

About Us

Randhir Verma Memorial Society is dedicated to community development through broad range of developmental activities ranging from IEC activities to formal education, the flagship program being vocational education and training. We aim to ignite the zeal for vocational training among the youth so as to enable them for a good livelihood. Skill-based trainings will help to reduce unemployment rates as technical skills will arm the youth for a good job. The society is dedicated to develop the standard of living of the common people.
It mainly focuses on making literate the underprivileged section of the society, particularly the women and the youths, providing job oriented vocational training, developing skills to make people self – dependent. Moreover, we are constantly working for the women and child welfare, creating awareness to social, financial and domestic issues and enabling the minimum needs like health, sanitation, employment etc.